Who Am I?

Dr. Armando Guevara creator of the term “geospatial”, is a results driven executive that turns corporate strategy into successful customer experiences, possesses a unique and diverse combination of technology and strategic business savvy. With a solid record of R&D accomplishments that span more than 15 years in the IT, imaging, sensors and geospatial industry.

Dr. Guevara is a recognized pioneer, strategist, technology creator and a regularly invited national and international key note speaker for his writings On the Spatial Enabling of Information", “Adaptable, Scalable Spatial Architectures,” and "The Science of Where."Currently Dr. Guevara is CEO of Gtt NetCorp and acting CEO of Visual Intelligence in Houston, Texas



University of New York Buffalo / RPI Troy NY, 1979 – 1983

University of New York, Buffalo, 1979 – 1983

University of the Andes, Merida, Venezuela, 1974 – 1979


Work Experience


www.gttnetcorp.com, www.geodrones.com, www.gttimaging.com
Houston-Texas / Guadalajara-Mexico / LATAM
March 2017 - Present

Gtt NetCorp where as CEO he participated in the strategic and commercial launch of DigitalGlobe’s (first WorldView then EarthWatch) imaging satellites and where he led the creation of a Spatially Enabled Web Service called is-net.net and www.geodrones.com. Dr. Guevara has launched the term “geospatial robotics” and under his leadership at Gtt, researching the development and integration of geospatial technology with robotics, in particular UVS and aerial robotics.


Nov 2006 - Nov 2017

Visual Intelligence where as President and CEO under his strategic leadership, filed numerous patents and created the iOne Software Sensor Tool Kit Architecture (iOne STKA), which earned the Geospatial Forum 2013 World Technology Innovation Award in Sensors.Based on the iOne STKA, Visual Intelligence developed the most economical,best performing,multipurpose line of digital metric 2D,obliqe and 3D imaging senseor products for aerial/droes,around,and mobile application to "geoimage the 3D world online"

EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Intergraph (Now Hexagon),

Tampa-Florida / LATAM
Jan 1995 - Dec 2000

Intergraph where as Executive Director he co-led the introduction of the GeoMedia product line and where he coined the term “geospatial;”


Tampa-Florida / LATAM
1994 – 1997


https://gisandscience.com/2011/09/21/esri-software-rd-team-circa-1985, https://gisandscience.com/2014/01/15/esri-phone-list-circa-1983/
Redlands-California, USA
July 1982 – Jun 1993

ESRI whereas Senior Software Engineer and Co-Director of R&D he was one of the first contributing designers and developers of the ArcGIS system, the first multi-platform source porting, the first programmable interface and the first Course Curricula (co-founding the GIS industry);



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